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Tuesday Tips: Three great tips for DIY, style, and decor bloggers

Adventures in Dressmaking

Each Tuesday the Portland Bloggers’ Weblog will host an advice column of sorts. “Tuesday Tips” is a place for bloggers to pick up a few simple tricks to benefit them while blogging. It is also a space for bloggers to share what is working for them. Tuesday Tips’ topics will range from blogging in general, photography, writing, social networking, advertising, and more. If you would like to contribute to “Tuesday Tips” just visit our contact page and fill out the short form.

DIY/style/decor blogging tips

Adventures in Dressmaking

Suzannah here, from Adventures in Dressmaking, sharing my TOP THREE blogging tips! I’m pretty passionate about these, so hope you learn some things and don’t mind my bits of advice! these tips are particularly relevant for blogs where visuals and projects are important–craftiness, decor, clothing, etc.

By way of introduction, I gotta say that Twitter and Pinterest are so awesome for helping me find new blogs to follow–and any blogs that have lists of their fave blogs, or share links… like Everybody Everywear.  Anyways, when I find new blogs, there are a few things I appreciate…

Suzannah’s blogging tip #1: Big pictures.

BIG pictures.  Blogs are so visual, and if you’re doing a sewing, decor, or clothing post, your readers will want to see pics!  On Blogger, when you first put the pic in, it’s “Medium.” Make it Large or preferably X-Large!  Make your column widths big enough to accommodate the X-Large pics.  It’ll make your blog look way more professional and beautiful.

Suzannah’s blogging tip #2: Get Twitter!

I can’t “follow” blogs on Blogger anymore–hit the limit of 300 ages ago.  Now I get my news from Twitter!  Get a Twitter account and tweet at least once a day.  Tweet when you post a new post and whenever you want to share anything else!  I want to follow your blog, but I can’t if I can’t stay in touch with you!

Suzannah’s blogging tip #3: Get rid of the captcha.

Unless you have a really good reason, or get a lot of spammers, get rid of the captcha phrase that people have to type in before they can comment.  You want comments, don’t you???  Typing in the phrase to prove that we’re human slows commenters down.  I read this tip before I started my blog and have never had a problem with spam comments.  I get them sometimes but I just delete them.

Reader Question: What are your top two or three tips or improvements you’d recommend to other bloggers??

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