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SEO Workshop and Meet-Up

We are  super excited to be announcing the last official meet-up of 2012, and one of the coolest we’ve had on the docket!

There are a lot of tricky terms and tips to make blogs better, drive more traffic, and get more readers. While we want to encourage everyone to first and foremost write their blogs for themselves and for the fun of having a blog. We also know that as bloggers we want people to read what we write/create!

At the November Meet-Up Mike Arnesen from Swell Path will be guiding us through the world of Search Engine Optimization! What is that!? Well, SEO is what helps search engines find your blog out of all of the other blogs out there.

The Details:

When: Saturday, Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to noon

Where: McClenahan Bruer Communications, Macadam Ave., Portland (More details given with purchase of ticket)

What: SEO workshop including speaker Mike Arnesen, activities to practice SEO, and networking opportunities!

Cost: $5 to cover expenses. Brunch items, coffee, and juice will be provided.

Click below to purchase your ticket!

* If you were not able to go to the last event, but paid money… please message Jenni— jenni [at] awellcraftedparty [dot] com—to discuss this event before purchasing your ticket!

** If you purchase a ticket and then cannot go we, unfortunately  cannot offer a refund. BUT, we can see if there are people on the list who would like to purchase your ticket or work on putting the $ towards a future event!

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