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We need your help to choose our logo!

Things might have seemed pretty quiet on the Portland Bloggers site and our social media outlets lately. We had such fun talking about the Social Media event… but, then we decided it was time to get down to business with Portland Bloggers and work on taking it to the next level. There are SEVERAL steps we will be taking over the next month to up the Portland Bloggers’ game. But, first on the list is a whole new rebranding.

While I loved the way the old site looked (I’m sort of partial, I designed it) it was time to really work on branding our site with a unified look throughout and a LOGO! This is where you come in… we need help deciding which logo is best for Portland Bloggers. While we worked really hard getting it to this point and making a ton of decisions on the way…  we felt like the final decision needed to be YOURS. We want Portland Bloggers to always be about collaboration and growth. We can’t do that without you. (Wiping tears now.)

One of these two logos will be the new Portland Bloggers' logo!

One of these two logos will be the new Portland Bloggers’ logo!

But, with no further ado… let me tell you just a small bit about our concept, the creative team behind these logos, and a few words about the logos themselves. And, then, at the bottom is a poll for you to let us know which one you think should be the new logo.

Our Branding Master Mind— Bee from The Spicy Bee

Bee was the one who really convinced us that we were ready to step up the game with Portland Bloggers and get a fresh branding that would not only pull the site and social media outlets together, but help us solidify the branding of meet-ups as well. She shared her ideas, sketches, and hopes for the rebranding with our graphic design guru and got the party started. Here is a bit of what Bee said about her thoughts as we were gearing up to begin work on the branding:

“I had been thinking about a Portland Blogger rebranding for quite some time, and with a background in marketing and advertising, I understood what type of branding could be really successful for the organization. My goals for the logo were for it to be easily recognizable, re-creatable (simple), and symbolic of what the organization was about—networking and blogging. I wanted someone to be able to look at the logo without any words attached and know it was Portland Bloggers… The colors were then decided between all of the organizers—attempting to make them perfectly Portland.

Some of the biggies for Bee on our redesign included a feeling of how the Portland Bloggers come together in a partnership of sorts, to share an experience, and broadcast their message. She said of the two logos, “I am excited that regardless of which logo design wins, the RSS Feed and idea of very similar B and P are still existent in each design. I feel like it really does speak to what Portland Bloggers is at the core in a simple, easy-to-identify way, and is still quite true to my very first drawings.”

Our Graphic Design Guru— Carly of  Carly J Cais & Chic Steals

Carly was amazing in jumping right on this crazy ship and working hard to create beautiful branding for Portland Bloggers. I’m still amazed about everything this lady churned out and how amazing they all were! She utilized the info Bee shared, and her own hopes for the site, and combined them to create a series of really gorgeous logos. Here are a few thoughts Carly shared about what she felt like these two logos shared about Portland Bloggers:

Logo A: “I thought about Portland and the group and concentric circles: concentric circles of influence, sort of like waves [of water, like the Willamette River] rippling outwards, and so designed this with the green p (for Portland) encapsulating the b for bloggers. The stem of the b protrudes from the p, showing though the group is based in Portland what we say/do may extend beyond its boundaries. The center of the b also imitates an eye or a person’s head, looking towards the RSS lines. This logo has a strong diagonal to it, going from bottom left to top right, which indicates upwards movement and positivity for the whole group, and the bowl and counter of the b reflect the O in the middle of the word BLOGGERS.”

Logo B: “The P is green to signify the greenery of Portland; the B is gray to signify the bridge (or a man-made structure). The Fremont bridge spans the two letters, tying them together and depicting the urban nature of the city of Portland. The image of the bridge is actually simplified from the real Fremont bridge, and like the P and the B is symmetrical. The bridge not only ties the two letters together but signifies a journey (where we started, where we are going etc). Since the eye naturally moves from left to right, the right part of the bridge (“where we are going”) also coincides with the RSS feed icon (to suggest that we are broadcasting where we are going or our future over the web). The RSS icon is originating from the b so that it depicts bloggers having something to say; it is the same color as the word “BLOGGERS” to underscore this…and BLOGGERS is blue to depict the water below the bridge (and the greenery) of Portland.”

Vote on the Logo that You Thinks Best Represents Portland Bloggers!

Please take a moment to vote on the logo that you’d like to see our rebranding be based after! Choose the one that calls to you the most. We will end this poll at 11:59 PM Friday, July 26. We will unveil our new logo at the Portland Bloggers’ Family Picnic on Sunday, July 28 and on our Instagram feed.

Choose one in the poll below!

Choose one in the poll below!

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Feel free to leave us a comment telling us what you think as well! 🙂

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    July 24, 2013 at 2:00 am

    To be totally honest I feel like both logo has too many elements in both of them. I like the bridge concept of the 2nd logo slightly more. But having gone through a logo design process myself that ended in failure and the scraping of the logo I know how hard it is. I think it will work either way.

    • Reply
      July 24, 2013 at 10:57 pm

      We are going to be using the logos often without the text “Portland Bloggers” underneath it. We do know that it is a little busy… but, we had a lot to say in very little space. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts!

  • Reply
    We have a logo!
    July 30, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    […] you so much to everyone that voted and gave their opinions on the logo. We appreciate it SO much. We are excited to say that we unveiled our logo on Sunday via social […]

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