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PDX Social Media Blitz

Social Media is Killing Gentoku of Mind Fit Move. He is doing something about it and inviting you along! Thank you to Gentoku for coordinating a great event for area bloggers and bloggers wanting to connect online. With no further ado… Please welcome the author Mind Fit Move to the Portland Bloggers’ blog!


Social media is killing me. Ok not literally, but it feels like it. On top of writing content for my blog, selling customers, staying in shape and eating right, social media feels like the straw that’s breaking my back.

The other day I was talking to fellow PDX blogger Debra of Deliciously Well. We had both read about how important social media is in building an audience. And we were both sharing how hard it was to find time create great content for social media.

I asked her what she thought about doing a social media blitz. And she loved the idea.

You’re Invited to PDXSOCIALBLITZ 2013

We decided to set aside half of Friday Nov 8th as our social media D-Day. We would spend the day writing content for tweets, identifying key social media connections, and working to create and implement a social media strategy.

After our conversation, I thought, maybe other Portland Bloggers might like to join us. I ran the idea past some of the Portland Bloggers leadership and they loved it.

So we would love to invite to Portland Bloggers first ever #PDXSOCIALBLITZ on Friday Nov 8th from 10am – 3pm at Ford Food and Drink in SE Portland.

The Event
The event is going to be super casual. You come, say hi, you find a table and work on your social media content for up to 6 hours, give each other high fives and go home.

Can’t make it? No worries you can participate online by stating your goals in the comments below and tweeting them to #PDXSOCIALBLITZ . Then at the end of the day, tell us what you got done by commenting below and tweeting.

Why should I care?
Maybe your not convinced you need a social media plan or a social media blitz. Well let me tell you why you do.

We all know a social media presence is essential for anyone in the blogging world. But what you don’t know is a plan and blitz will make this presence easier to build and grow.

The Power of a Plan
I attended a seminar recently on marketing and the speaker told us that if you have any marketing plan your business will grow 30% faster than if you don’t. He also said if you actually write that plan down, then your growth increases to 50%.

So just by writing down a plan, you can double your social media efforts and success. It’s that simple.

The problem is most people don’t take the time to plan and even when they do, they don’t take the time to get the ball rolling. Instead, we limp along with a half formed plan and a halfhearted effort.

The social blitz fixes that by helping you set aside a few hours to create or recreate your social media plan and put a big chunk of it into action.

Not sure how to create a plan?

The Key Elements of a Social Media Strategy:

Goals – Write 3 – 5 goals for your Social Media strategy. These goals should be SMART

  1. S – Specific – The more specific the better. Don’t just say you want to get better at social media. What areas do you want to focus on? Do you want to offer readers better tips, awesome pictures or your cooking, or connections to the best deals? Be specific so you know where to work
  2. M – Measurable – Saying your want more followers isn’t measureable pick a number. If you want 500 likes on Facebook say it. It will help you understand how you want to get there.
  3. A – Attainable – If your goal is to have more followers then Kanye it’s probably not going to happen. So set your sites a little higher than you think you can do it.
  4. R – Relevant – If your audience doesn’t use Facebook why are you on it. Make sure that your social media goals are relevant to your goals for your blog.
  5. T – Time Bound – You need to set a date you want to meet these goals by.

Online Presence Summary – Make a list of all of the key social media channels that matter to your audience.

  1. Next to each network, list the current state, how many followers, what kind of activity, problems. If you don’t have

Content Type – Make a list of all the types of content you want to include on various channels. Do you like taking pictures of food? Does you audience like tips? Make a short list of the key content you want to focus on.

  1. Examples – pictures, expert articles, testimonials, tips, food pics,

Tracking Tools – Make a list of all the tracking tools you can use to track your success.

Focus Channels – Now select 2 -5 channels you want to focus on.

  1. Purpose – Next to each channel define your purpose for using that channel. Is it to gain more followers, get clients, drive traffic.
  2. Metrics for Success – How are you going to judge if the channel is working for you? # of followers? #of click through. Make sure the metric matches the purpose.

Action Plan – Finally create an action plan for each channel. First, decide how many hours per week/month you want to devote to social media. Remember there is no right answer.

  1. Type- Now select 2 -4 specific actions for each channel you’d like to do regularly. Examples are – post tweets, connect with fellow bloggers, retweet posts, post tips, link to old content etc.
  2. Priority – Rank these items in order from 1 – 4
  3. Details – Write specific details that are important for each action.
  4. Frequency – decide how often you are going to do each action. Once a week to 5 times a day depending on the action.
  5. Tracking – decide how you are going to track each item.
  6. Time – Decide how much time you will devote to each action each week.
  7. Tools – Write down any tools you are going to use to take those actions.

That’s a lot!
It’s easy to get lost in this social media forest. And because I know that social media can be overwhelming, I asked Jane Endacott of  Word Savant to put all of this in context, by sharing her experience of social media and offering some tips for getting started.

The Word Savant Social Media Survival Guide.

When I decided to start my blog, Word Savant, I never expected to be my own marketer. I had to learn how to market my blog the same way I’ve learned many, many other things in life – by the seat of my pants.

I have read a lot of how-to blog posts on social media, but few of them were as helpful as the lessons I’ve learned from practicing on my own. And I’d like to share some of my insights with you.

1. Be Choosey

Not every social media outlet is necessarily right for everybody. Pinterest might be perfect for your blog, while Facebook is a whopping waste of time.

As a writer, I primarily use Twitter, because it’s a quick and simple forum for sharing insights on writing and inspirational articles. Understand what each social media outlet does and narrow down which ones are right for your blog.

2. Keep it simple.

Have as few profiles as you can while still maintaining a presence. If you have too many accounts, you’ll spread yourself too thin. It will be harder to keep your profiles updated and you will post watered down content that is of little value.

3. Small Growth is Good.

Some of the most successful bloggers I know have been writing for years, so don’t worry if your following doesn’t look like theirs.

The same is true for social media. There’s may be a painfully long period of time during which you will have a humble following. This doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Just take your time and trust yourself.

4. Support your fellow bloggers.

People appreciate it when you share their work and it promotes a supportive environment. But only share what your audience will find valuable.

If you post a bunch of mediocre garbage, then you will be known for mediocre garbage. If you share wonderful blog posts, then you will be known for sharing wonderful posts.

5. Have Fun!

Play and practice with social media. The moment you start obsessing over social media is the moment it takes over your life. Blogging is about more than just tweeting. Remember the goal is to drive traffic to your blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read my guide and now Toku has a few final thoughts.

Thanks Jane, those were some great tips.

What Makes Success
Earl Nightingale talks about success in his famous work the Strangest Secret. He says the biggest difference between those who succeed and those who don’t isn’t talent, connections, or money. The biggest difference is that successful people set a goal and work towards it. Simple right? Yet so few of us do this.

I’ve had my doubts about this secret until I saw it happen for me. Earlier this year I set the goal to connect and work with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. I’ve admired his blog for a while and I felt our philosophies were similar.

Now just six months after I made that goal I’ve attended a dinner with him during WDS; he’s shared my posts on his Twitter and Tumblr page; and we are currently working together on a project for his online habit program called Sea Change.

All of this happened because I set a goal and paid attention to it. Of course, not all of our goals come to fruition so quickly, but goals and plans help us focus on what’s important.

Join Us
That’s why I think it’s so essential to set some time aside to focus social media. And why I’m excited to invite you to join us for Portland Bloggers first ever social media blitz!

I hope to see you in person at Fords on Friday, Nov. 8th any time from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or you can join us virtually by tweeting to #pdxsocialblitz We will be sharing updates, tips, and encouragement throughout the day.

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