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Blogging Quick Tip: A social media “rule” that can help you gain followers!

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Photo by Hurtienne Photography from the Portland Bloggers’ Social Media Meet-Up in May 2013

“There are not really any hard-fast rules that will win you followers or catapult your brand into success. However, if there was ever just one rule that I’d suggest for any brand to use, it would be, ‘Be Useful.’

When you are genuinely connecting with your readers and providing them with content that they can use—whether to answer their questions, enjoy the moment, or inform them about something they didn’t even know they needed to know—then you find that people will WANT to follow you, share your content, and engage with you.”— Jenni Bost 9-5 Social Media Specialist, owner of A Well Crafted Party, founder of Portland Bloggers, and @JenniBost

What ways are you useful to your readership? Comment below!


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