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Anyone else out there get a little dry mouth and sweaty palms when thinking about getting out from behind your computer and networking with people in person?

We are told over and over again how wonderful networking is for our businesses, our blogs, and our lives…Rarely do people talk about HOW to do that networking though.

Obviously, being a meet-up group, we encourage meeting up with bloggers in real life as often as possible. (Did we mention we throw meet-up events every two months?) Each of the Portland Bloggers Leadership team have stories about how networking has helped their blogs, businesses, and personal lives blossom.  Today we offer our advice on one of the most important steps of networking– the initial pitch about your blog or business.

Tips on Crafting Your Branding Statement

Thinking about & practicing talking about your blog and your brand before you go to networking events can help you craft the pitch-perfect Elevator Speech.

Imagine you get stuck in an elevator with the one person out there that you KNOW could elevate your blog to the next level. You’ve initiated contact with a friendly hello. You’ve somehow not come off as a giggling fan-girl (or guy). They open the floor and ask about you. You now have 5 floors of undivided attention. What do you say?

Your “elevator speech” needs to be a clear and concise way of getting across who you are, what you do, and why you do it. We like the idea of a well crafted branding statement, that can be changed here and there depending on who you are talking to, for elevator speeches. Tell us all about YOU and YOUR brand!

Five Rules of Effective Branding Statements:

1. An 8-year-old should understand it! Avoid terms that are too technical or not-widely known jargon.

2. Yours and yours only. It should be unique to you!

3. Delivered with confidence. Practice it in the mirror and sell it baby!

4. Leaves them wanting more. No need to tell your life story. A little mystery is a good thing.

5. Make it catchy, memorable, and repeatable. Make it fun!

Click below to get your free printable Branding Statement Crafting Worksheet!

Free printable branding statement worksheet

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