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It is FINALLY here… the Portland Bloggers’ Newsletter! Woot! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make improvements to our events, website, master list, and social media outlets. We’ve still got a lot of work to do and many more (fun) updates coming to the site. But, we are happy to say that we reached one of our goals and began the Portland Bloggers’ mailing lists.

Our Newsletter Promise:

  • We will NOT overload your inbox with emails. We are aiming to send out our lists once or twice a month MAX. If you sign up for several of the mailing lists then you might see us in your inbox more often, but it will not be too often.
  • We will give you FRESH content! You won’t have to see the same post that you just read on the blog last week. You’ll get new content, links to relevant content, and a round-up of what is going on with Portland Bloggers.

Our Newsletter Mailing Lists:

  • Blogging Tips— Are you just wanting updates on new tips/tricks/printables that come this way? Following along with the blogging tips newsletter.
  • Events— Get the news for each of the Portland Blogger events. We currently have one event every other month… but, more are coming together! Stay informed by getting on the Events mailing list.
  • Blogging Tips & Events— Instead of signing up and getting two mailings each month you are welcome to sign up for just the Blogging Tips & Events newsletter that will have a good combination of the above newsletters.
  • Press Releases from Local or Blog Related Businesses—We often get information and opportunities from businesses that want to connect with you. Sign up for this newsletter if you’d like to get one newsletter with all the opportunities!

Sign up for your choice of Mailing List below and receive a link to a Free Printable Blog Planner!

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