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Help Yourself While Helping Others – One Way to Boost Your SEO

Hello all you fabulous Portland Bloggers!  Macey from Motormouth Studios here again.  Today I’m talking about a group on Facebook that’s all about YOU!  It’s all about getting more traffic to your blog, more comments on your blog and ultimately boosting your SEO!
Screen shot of the Facebook Group feed.

It’s simple really.  Just join the Portland Bloggers’ Posting Community Group and each day that you post a new blog post, copy the URL and paste it onto that day’s feed as a new comment.  Then click on everyone else’s link from that day, read their posts, and leave nice comments when you’re through.  Everyone who posts that day will do the same for you!  It’s a WIN-WIN!

Not only will new and frequent visits help boost your SEO, but it may just encourage you to blog a little more frequently, and the more often you blog the better Google ranks you, so…. it totally works in your favor!

As with anything, there are a few rules just to keep everyone accountable and happy. Here are the Ground Rules:

  1. No spamming please!  This is a page to share our blogs and improve SEO, not likers or followers.
  2. Whenever you post a new blog post, make sure to share the link on that day’s feed.
  3. If you share a link on the feed, you must visit the other bloggers’ links on that same day’s feed and leave comments on their blogs. Comment on ALL the new links as you can. If you want others to comment on your posts, you need to return the favor. Please make the comments genuine. Feel free to hit the Facebook “Like” Button or the Google Plus button on a post, but remember this doesn’t take the place of your day’s comment on that post. You still MUST comment if you shared your blog post that day, within 48 hours of posting your own link.
  4. Share your “likes” of a blog post on FB and Twitter wherever possible. This will keep our group members active in the ticker feed.
  5. EMULATE, don’t copy. Each author holds the copyright to EVERYTHING they post on their blog; respect it as you would a photograph.
  6. Respect other bloggers in your market. Don’t do anything that could harm their business. If you see a post from a local competitor, please don’t comment on their blog using your business information. If you do, you will be removed from the group.

That’s it!  Nothing too difficult, nothing to hard, and shoot, it doesn’t hurt to try it out, right?  Come join us!! In the Portland Bloggers’ Posting Community Group!

This group is a great idea for many more things that just boosting your SEO. That is an added (awesome) benefit. And, we all love comments… but, I think it is also a great tool for:

  • building our blogging community
  • networking with your fellow bloggers
  • discover new and awesome ideas/posts
  • encouraging more frequent blog posting

I hope to see you join and utilize this awesome tool that Macey has helped develop for us!  I’ll be excited to visit and comment on your latest posts!

*** Also, looking at “SEO” and thinking “What!?” then check out this awesome little comic explaining Search Engine Optimization.

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