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Photo by Portland Event Photographer Aubrie LeGault Photography

Photo by Portland Event Photographer Aubrie LeGault Photography

Hi! Rachel here, blogmaster of the Portland Bloggers Blog and blogger at Tossing the Script. If you attended the Speed Networking event on March 8, we may have met, and if not, I hope to meet you at our next event on May4! If you’ve never been to a Portland Bloggers event, then I hope this recap will give you a good idea of what our meetups are like.

On March 8, 36 Portland bloggers gathered at Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery for a speed networking event. What is speed networking, you might ask? It’s a bit like speed dating, but platonic, for bloggers. In essence, everyone is seated at one of four long tables. A timer is set for 3 minutes, and in that time bloggers meet and chat with the person sitting across from them. When the timer is up, everyone changes seats to meet the next person.

We were fortunate enough to have the amazing Portland event, family, and food photographer Aubrie LeGault of Aubrie LeGualt Photography taking photos of the event. She took all of the amazing photos pictured here, but you can see even more of her event photos on her blog.

A bit about the event space: Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery is owned by Sasha Davies and Michael Claypool. Sasha is the chef/cheesemonger, and a fine one at that. Michael is the winemaker behind Clay Pigeon Winery. Cyril’s is participating in Portland Dining Month through the end of March, and is a great way to experience a three-course meal for only $29. In addition, the space is rentable for large events and is especially popular for weddings as they have an enclosed veranda in the back of the building that just oozes charm. They also do classes and they have a fun cheese club for those looking to try new cheese.

As for the event itself, upon arrival, attendees were checked in and given name tags, a drink ticket, a sheet for keeping track of who they’ve met, and a print-out offering advice on how to craft your “personal branding statement.” Tips include: targeting your audience, staying authentic, and making it punchy and memorable. Look forward to a free printable in an upcoming post!

As mentioned, each attendee received a drink ticket for one complimentary drink from Cyrils’ bar. Some opted to try the beers, others the wine. There was even a hard cider on offer! As for the food, attendees were treated to a delicious spread of cheeses and charcuterie.

After enjoying drinks and snacks, everyone spent the better part of 2 hours getting a few minutes of one-on-one time with (almost) every blogger in attendance. There was plenty of time for mingling and snacking, as well as enjoying the space that Cyril’s so kindly provided.

During the event, a few raffles were held. The first was for a gift card from one of our sponsors, [In]Complete Magazine, another of our sponsors, offered ad space to one winner. A free ticket to our next event was also offered on the Portland Bloggers site to another lucky winner!

After the event, some bloggers stayed to enjoy dinner at Cyril’s and continue the networking. It was a very successful event, and we hope that if you came, you enjoyed it, and if you weren’t able to make it, please join us at our next event on May 4! Details coming soon.

Portland Bloggers: Did you attend the Speed Networking event on March 8? Did you post a recap on your blog? If so, we want to hear from you! Please connect with us (via email, Twitter, or Facebook) and we will feature your recap in a roundup later this month. We will include 1 photo and a blurb from your post, and you will be entered to win one month of free advertising on our site.


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