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Featured Portland Business: Food and Portrait Photographer Aubrie LeGault

Portland Restaurant Photographer
Aubrie LeGault Food Photographer

Photo used with permission from Aubrie LeGault


We love working with Portland-area businesses and talent. It is our pleasure to take the opportunity to introduce you to the Aubrie LeGault of Aubrie LeGault Photography and Capturing Grace Photography. Aubrie is a talented Portland Food and Portrait photographer that has been featured in magazines such as 1859 Oregon’s Magazine and The Gorge Magazine. recently took photos for our Speed Networking Meet-Up at Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery. She took all of the event photos and also took time to feature some of the beautiful food for which Cyril’s is known. Take a moment to take a gander at the re-cap post to see some of her amazing work… it’s okay, we’ll wait! Aubrie took the time to answer a few questions about her business and photography. Read on to find out more about her and pick up some great photography tips!

Portland Food Photographer Aubrie LeGault

Photo used with permission from Aubrie LeGault

Portland Restaurant Photographer

Photo used with permission from Aubrie LeGault

Porltand Food Photographer

Photo used with permission from Aubrie LeGault

Q: Why did you decide to start working with food/restaurant photography? 

A: I was following a few people on Instagram that were posting these beautiful images of their food.  So I started to do the same and I thought it was fun.  The more I looked into food photography I found that I really enjoyed creating these tasty images and that I could make money with food photographs.  I was sold.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in this area of photography? 

A: The food!  Actually, I do really enjoy the fact that I get to eat whatever I photograph.  My photography answer, however, is that I’ve always enjoyed still life photography and having complete control of everything.  I love photographing people because they have emotions but sometimes it’s difficult to instruct them where to go or where to put their arms.  Food does exactly what I tell it to.  😉

PDX Food Photo

Photo used with permission from Aubrie LeGault

Q: What do you take into consideration when composing your shots? 

A: I think about what I am trying to convey to the viewers, what needs to be the center of attention and in focus.  I think about what’s in the photo as far as props or spices and if it makes sense in the photo.  Do I need to add or subtract?  I think about anything that is “creeping” into my photo- maybe the background or a corner of a glass/knife that doesn’t need to be in the image. And then I think- “Is there any way I can make this more creative or different from the usual photo?”  …Sometimes my answer is no, I can’t.  And that’s okay- sometimes you just need the image to look great and not reinvent the wheel.

Q: What are your top tips for those of us who would like to make our Instagram food pics more beautiful? 

A: Be aware of your surroundings.  “Creepers” are what I call things that are coming into the corners of your image that don’t need to be there, they are usually distracting.  Think about having a “clean” image.  Don’t be afraid to get out of your seat and move your plate or drink somewhere that is more appealing or has better light.  Use an editing app- a little contrast and sharpening goes a long way.  And last but certainly not least, do not post any photo that is out of focus.  (Intentional blur is fine.)

Note from Portland Bloggers: If you want to follow a BEAUTIFUL Instagram feed then click on over and follow Aubrie now!

Q: Do you have a favorite photo shoot that you have done with food? 

A: The photo shoot I did with Fireside Restaurant on NW 23rd is probably my favorite.  The restaurant has a killer style and food was amazing.  It was one of the first restaurant’s I did and it made me feel “official” and that I really could be a food photographer.  I remember leaving the restaurant, exhausted, but thinking “that was so much fun!”

Q: What do you look for in a working relationship?  Also, what type of photo shoots do you hope to do someday? 

A: I enjoy cooking (and eating) but I am not the best in the kitchen.  So I really want to work with people that are the opposite— they rock in the kitchen and don’t know much about food photography.   I would love to get into more magazines and work for more food publications.  My ultimate goal is to one day photograph a cookbook.

Food Photography in Portland

Photo used with permission from Aubrie LeGault

Connect with Aubrie:

Websites: www.aubrielegaultphotography.com and www.capturinggracephotography.com

Blog: Pop-Up Food Photography & Photo Blog

Social:  Instagram: @aubrielegault, Twitter:@aubrielegault, Facebook: /Capturing-Grace-Photography

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