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Post Round-Up: Speed Networking Meet-Up

In March 2014 our meet-up revolved all around networking with other bloggers. The Speed Networking Meet-Up was hosted by the amazing owners of Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery. Over the past couple of months we shared a few things that we learned from the meet-up, including  “Blogging Quick Tip: Following Up After a Networking Event” and “Crafting Your Brand Statement & Free Printable!” But, we aren’t the only ones who shared about the event! Check out the awesome posts below by Portland Bloggers who attended the Speed Networking Meet-Up!


Public Relations is defined by everything that can advertise your business besides paid advertising, and business cards are an important part of it. It is the first thing people see after meeting you in person. The business card will be an image of yourself and your business, it should reflect your blog/website design, and have all your information. When you go to a conference where people meet hundreds of people and get a lot of business cards, you want to make sure your business card stands out. — “Business Cards Madness: Five Great Examples from Portland” via French Spark

“Because one of the best ways to better yourself ( professionally, athletically, educationally ) is to surround yourself by others who are working toward similar goals or who are maybe just a step further along in that goal process than you are. You learn from their habits, you can ask and answer questions, and you provide a support system for each other to motivate and work as a team.” — “The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With Who You Want to Be” via CaitlinLiz: Calculating Words. Crafting Analytics. 


Learn 5 Tips for Presenting Your Brand in a Party Situation via A Well Crafted Party

“The Speed Networking event was a hit. Think of speed dating- only instead of finding your one true love you get to hear all about people’s awesome blogs and websites and ideas.”—”Food: Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery” via Aubrie LeGault Photography Photo Blog

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