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Fourth of July from Portland Bloggers

Holiday Post Inspiration from Portland Bloggers

Holiday Post Inspiration from  Portland Bloggers

Happy Independence Day Weekend! Many of our local bloggers have been doing a great job working with the holiday and creating awesome content around the day. Check out the posts below for great Fourth of July ideas, but also to see how many different ways you can blog about an upcoming holiday! The options are endless!

From Adventures in Dressmaking:

How to Wear DIY Inspiration & Weekend Inspiration & Goals for a Balanced Holiday

Goal Number Two from Goals for a Balanced Holiday: “Eat delicious, fresh, summery, 4th of July food (but not sacrifice how I feel by eating processed or overly sweetened junk!)” —Adventures in Dressmaking

Red and Navy How to wear diy // via Adventures in Dressmaking and Featured on Portland Bloggers


From Farrars Further Afield:

“Our Biggest Adventure Yet”

Two and a half weeks ago we embarked on probably what is our biggest adventure yet: our beautiful baby boy, Alfie James Mortimer Farrar was born.  He is our real American adventure because being born in the US to British parents automatically gives him dual nationality.  Perhaps one day Alfie Farrar could be President of the USA!”

Farrars Further Afield featured on Portland Bloggers


From Frugal Family Home:

“Easy Bandana Tablecloth”

“With the 4th of July just a few weeks away I wanted to make a cute tablecloth for the occasion. I wanted to make sure to make it big enough to fit either my picnic table or my dining room table. We never know if it will be warm enough to eat outside on the 4th so it’s better to plan ahead.”

Easy Bandana Table Cloth featured on Portland Bloggers



“Firecracker Rice Crispy Treats”

“I like making festive treats no matter what the weather is like. I could have just made some regular rice crispy treats but what would be the fun in that? I had the kids help me, since they are really good helpers in the kitchen. We decided to decorate our rice crispy treats with some patriotic sprinkles and a little chocolate. Isn’t everything better with chocolate?!”

From Pechluck’s Food Adventures:

“Sides for your Forth of July Weekend”

Some of Pechluck’s food tips include: “Besides ketchup and mustard and relish and pickles, for you might consider having little dish where guests can add toppings of sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions, guacamole, salsa (and your guac and salsa can double to go with chips),  bbq sauce and/or blue cheese (MMMM bbq sauce and blue cheese!).Also, if you haven’t tried this before, if there are potato chips at the party you are having/attending, try taking a handful and adding them on to your burger or hot dog!”

Red White and Blue Potatoes by Pechlucks Food Adventures featured on Portland Bloggers

From In the Pink and Green:

“Recipe: Fiesta Bean Salad”

Although 4th of July isn’t my favorite holiday (nothing takes the place of Christmas, duhhhh) it’s definitely in my top 5 for sure. I love birthdays (particularly my own…ha), and so celebrating America’s birthday by wearing red, white, and blue, watching fireworks, enjoying summer-y activities like cooking food outside, and getting a day off of work seems pretty awesome if you ask me! And in all seriousness, I am really proud to be an American and am thankful that I get to live in a beautiful country and enjoy freedoms that I don’t take for granted. Definitely something to celebrate!”

Fiesta Bean Salad from In the Pink & Green featured on Portland Bloggers


From MacSuzie:

“Cocktail Bomb Pop”

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but does anyone else remember the insane excitement upon hearing the jingle of the ice cream man coming down the street? Ok, how about this one – what was your favorite thing to order? I had two favorites – the chocolate bar with the crunchy thingies and The Bomb Pop.”

MacSuzie - Bomb Pop Cocktail featured on Portland Bloggers

Check out MacSuzie’s other awesome 4th of July posts  which include decor ideas & many recipes. Note how she utilized one big photoshoot to cover a variety of post styles. Blogging at its best!

From Urban Bliss Life:

“Fourth of July Red, White, & Blue Dessert Bites”

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. . .Got that, friends? Not stressful, not overpacked schedules, but E-A-S-Y. Summertime celebrations should be simple, fast to put together, and easy peasy, so that you can spend more time enjoying the fun instead of stuck in the kitchen prepping and cooking.”

4th of July Dessert Bites via Urban Bliss Life featured on Portland Bloggers


and Urban Bliss Life’s Teriyaki Turkey Burgers with Pineapple Asian Slaw (Umm… YUM. Pinning this one now.)

From A Well Crafted Party:

“4th of July Party Circles”

Ohhh… the party circle. This must be my favorite printable party item EVER. They are so versatile. I often use mine for cupcake or food picks, ways to decorate glassware, bunting, and more. There are a zillion free and inexpensive printable party circles out there that can help give some flair to your next party. Make free printables  your own by using scrapbook papers, glitter, stickers and other such items.”

4th of July Party Printables from A Well Crafted Party featured on Portland Bloggers

Or check out A Well Crafted Party’s other 4th of July posts! 


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