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New Look & New Master List!

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New Look for Portland Bloggers' Website

We’ve upgraded! Woohoo!

So, this past weekend we worked hard to update our website and get things looking (and working) much better. We’ve refreshed the look and functionality of the site. We’ve made it easier to get to our content. We’ve completely overhauled our Meet Our Team page and the Master List! In addition, we’ve made the site a whole lot friendlier for our great sponsors.

(A huge thank you to Carly J. Cais, our lovely webmaster, for all of her help getting the site looking the way it does now!)

The New Look

A lot of the new features are going to be easy to see when you hop on over to our site. You’ll notice that you can see our recent posts up on the handy-dandy slider at the top of the page. You’ll also see that our posts are now laid out beneath the slider instead of on an entirely different page as before. We regularly post about blogging tips and events… so, having this featured on the front page was really important to us. You’ll also notice that our sponsors are now featured better on the side bar than in previous versions of this site. We appreciate the sponsors that keep our group and this site running… we want you to be able to see what they are offering as well!

Portland Bloggers Directory

The New Master List aka Master Blog Directory

There are so many new features for the Master Blog Directory. We can’t even explain how excited we are not to have to MANUALLY enter each of your blogs after you’ve taken the time to write in all the information! Let me just go through some pros and cons for you:

New Master Blog Directory Pros:

  • Free: The master list is still free! We will not make you pay to be listed.
  • User Entered Content: YOU have so much more control over your posting now! You get to fill out the content that goes on  your listing. We still will have to approve your listing and will edit content for glaring mistakes. Listings that do not follow our terms and conditions will not be approved.
  • PHOTO! Now you get to have a small thumbnail image for your listing. The images should be 125X125 and less than 100 KB in size.
  • More listing options: Now we want you to select up to three categories that your blog fits in.
  • Tags: Enter a few tags that fit your blog to better categorize your blog entry. Tags will be edited if we feel that they are getting out of hand. Please make sure your tags fit your blog.
  • Active blog listings: Blog listings are only good for 90 days, then you will asked if you’d like to be re-listed. You shouldn’t have to type out all the information again (fingers crossed!) But, you will get the opportunity to look over your listing again. This is important for us to keep the Master List filled with blogs that are active.
  • Search: One of the best features of the new list is that it is searchable! People can search for topics, tags, and PR friendly options to maneuver through the list.
  • Featured Listing Option: We are now making it to where your blog can be listed at the top of your categories for a small fee. This will last for the full 90 days that your blog listing is up. It costs only $20 and you’ll be put at the top of the list! As the list grows this option will be a fantastic way for your blog to get noticed by local businesses and PR pros!

New Maser Blog Directory Cons:

  • If you were on the list before… you aren’t anymore. In order to make this list work… we had to take our old list down. Filling out each of the old listings was impossible with this new system because we did not save people’s email addresses for past entries into the system. This is a huge bummer for us because we had over 300 amazing blogs on the list. But, in order to have this much functionality, we had to give up something.
  • The form is kind of tiny: The form that you enter in your information is sort of small and we currently can’t change that. The entry form spaces are adjustable by the user though… so, try to make it work for you! Let us know if you need help.

We hope you all like the new site and find the new list functional and beneficial to you! Please help us spread the news to all local bloggers that the list has changed. You can easily help us get the news out by sharing this post via social media! THANK YOU!!!



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