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Back to Blogging School: Blog Design recap!

Last weekend we held a “Back to Blogging School” event: this year the theme was blog design and branding. Whether you’re a new blogger looking to create your online presence or a seasoned blogger looking to strengthen your message and blog recognition, this presentation and workshop was helpful and interesting.

We started by talking about what branding is. It’s different than marketing or advertising. Who is your audience, and why are they reading your blog? Once you identify your core message, you can work to deliver it to potential readers through a number of blog brand identification and clarity techniques. We broke into small groups to discuss how to do this on our blogs. (Check out the presentation slides at the bottom of this post for more info and tips.)

Blog design event Portland Bloggers (2)Blog design event Portland Bloggers (8)Blog design event Portland Bloggers (9)

Of course one big way to promote your brand is through coherent visual design! We had two local design professionals speak to us: Sze Wa Cheung spoke about basics of design and blog visual principles, and Carly J. Cais talked about creating a style guide so you can keep consistent with your visual elements.
Blog design event Portland Bloggers (7)Blog design event Portland Bloggers (10) Blog design event Portland Bloggers (11)

It is always fun to feel like you’re going “back to school” for a morning!
Blog design event Portland Bloggers (4)Blog design event Portland Bloggers (5)

We also had a Design 101 handout by Liana Mikah, a local photographer and graphic designer. And we were happy to have coffee donated by Black Rock Coffee–talk about strong branding!, you can recognize their logos anywhere.

If you didn’t make it to the event (or if you did and want to go over the presentations again), check out the Slideshare of the day here:

Look forward to future posts going into further detail about the topics discussed at this event!

Did you attend the event? If so, what was your favorite tip of the day? Comment below!

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