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Portland Bloggers Speed Networking Meet-Up April 26

Speed Networking Meet-Up // Portland Bloggers

It’s meet-up week! Meet-up week is always an exciting time for us on the Portland Bloggers Leadership Team… selling tickets, promoting the event, gathering all of the supplies and working to make the event a success for all who are involved. This week is no different! We are busy working with Passionfruit to help create a great space for our Speed Networking Meet-Up of 2015.  We wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights of our upcoming event at Passionfruit HQ and remind you to get your tickets before they sell out! Click here to purchase your ticket for the 2015 Speed Networking meet-up!

Why Speed Networking?

Throughout the year there are several opportunities for bloggers to meet with potential sponsors, local businesses, learn about their craft and practice their craft in area workshops. Members of the Portland Bloggers community have said in surveys, emails and in passing that they wanted more opportunities to just get to know other bloggers. They’d like to meet people who do the things that they do, who love the things that they love. They also wanted to meet potential collaborators or tribe-members for cross-promotion. Last year’s Speed Networking event was a blast with 40+ local bloggers coming together to chat about their blogs in a speed-dating style event. Portland-area photographer Aubrie LeGault captured the event beautifully and is back again this year!

This year’s speed networking event will have a slightly different format than last year’s event. This year we will be meeting people in groups rather than one-on-one. We will also have a series of prepped questions so that you don’t have to worry about preparing an elevator pitch about your blog. Though, it will be open for any and all of your own questions as well! We hope that this format makes it easier for people who are not as comfortable at your typical networking event. We will also be enjoying brunch featuring bagels from Bowery Bagels!

Passionfruit Ads allows you to turn your blog into a business!

About Passionfruit

We are excited to welcome Passionfruit to Portland! The blogger-friendly advertising tool has moved its headquarters to SE Portland and has invited the Portland Bloggers to enjoy their new space by hosting this year’s Speed Networking Meet-Up.

From their website, “Passionfruit is a small company out to make advertising a little easier. Maybe a little more human. Maybe a little less like a late night on a used car lot. Maybe a little more like a nice dinner with that person you love.”  The site helps you set up your blog advertising in as quick as ten minutes. In addition to the advertising tools that you can set up on your site, the Passionfruit marketplace makes it easy for you to shop for advertising for your own business!

For updates about Passionfruit and to get information on future events at the Passionfruit Headquarters follow along via social media @Passionfruitads.

Bowery Bagels in Portland, Oregon

About Bowery Bagels

Bowery Bagels in Portland, Oregon is creating Portland’s best Kosher bagels, delicious schmears and sandwiches, and a full Stumptown barista set up to boot. Brooklyn, N.Y. native Michael Madigan moved to Portland some 28 years ago and he had yet to find a bagel as perfect as the ones he enjoyed every Sunday with his family on the East Coast. Eager to take on the challenge, Madigan opened Portland’s premier New York style bagel bakery meets sandwich shop with an eclectic retail space featuring food products from local artisan producers who work out of KitchenCru. With one-of-a-kind special bagels mimicking classic sweet and savory flavor combinations as well as staple sandwiches featuring house roasted meats and house cured meats and fish, Bowery Bagels ups the ante when it comes to bagels in Portland. The beautiful bagel shop is mirrored after a 1960’s New York bagel shop with custom tile works from the store’s namesake subway station. Bowery Bagels is located at 310 NW Broadway in Portland, OR and is open from 7am to 2pm daily. For custom orders please call 503.227.6674 or check their website, www.bowerybagels.com. For updates and specials, follow them on Twitter and Instagram @bowerybagels and onFacebook.

Tips for Blogger Networking:

Purchase your Speed Networking Meet-Up Tickets Here!

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