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Meet-Up Review: Coffee Break & Holiday Media Kits

Tips for blogging over the holidays | Portland Bloggers

Portland Bloggers Meet-Up Review November 2016

We had such a fun time at the Portland Bloggers Coffee Shop meet-up where we discussed holiday goals and media kits. Thank you to the bloggers that came out to the event and to Portland’s Living Room Coffeehouse for a fantastic meeting space.

We wanted this to be a laid back meet-up that provided attendees the opportunity to really explore their challenges and goals and (hopefully) leave with some new tips that would help them be successful. By the end of the coffee shop meet-up there was a lot of caffeinated excitement to go home and get to work implementing tips and begin work on holiday media kits.

Challenges for Blogging over the Holidays

The biggest challenges that most of the attendees had were very similar… nearly everyone mentioned that TIME was a huge factor for blogging over the holidays. The holidays are busy for nearly everyone with shopping, parties, family events, and work deadlines filling up our calendars. Add the mix of holiday content and trying to meet end of the year goals and it can quickly lead to blogger burn out.

Other holiday blogging related challenges included:

  • Pricing – How much to charge for holiday related sponsored content? Should I create a holiday gift guide? If so, how much should I charge for inclusion?
  • Topics – My blog is about _____, how do I incorporate holiday content that stays true to my blog’s mission?
  • Blogging Schedule: Should I increase content during the holidays or cut back?

Suggested Solutions for Holiday Blogging Challenges

Each of the solutions were very much tailored to the people and specific blogs. But, I’ll try to do the suggestions justice:

Pricing: There were a few different suggestions for pricing around the holidays. For some of the bloggers the takeaway was that they generated a lot more traffic over the holidays and had limited time so they needed to increase their pricing. Other bloggers in the room chose to do product-only exchanges to highlight some products that they felt their readers would really appreciate.

Tip: Create a holiday media kit that highlights the holiday content you are planning on running and your holiday pricing.

Topics: We had an array of different types of blogger in attendance. Some were blogging in very specific niches while others had more general lifestyle blogs. One blogger wrote very specifically about branding for businesses. Her readership was very specifically business owners. The group came up with ideas for posts about client gifts, gifts for coworkers, gifts for the entrepreneur and tips for dealing with holiday stress while running your own business.

Tip: Think about the problems your readers may have around the holidays and try to help solve those issues.

Blogging Schedule: Because the number one challenge for most bloggers was having time to blog during the holiday season answering the question about blogging schedule tended to be the hardest one to find a solution to. Some of our bloggers planned out their content months in advance so that they could free up some holiday time. If they got extra time throughout the holiday months then they were able to beef up their content for the year. Other bloggers opted to reduce their blogging schedule and instead engage more on their social platforms.

Tip: Plan ahead to make sure that your holiday blogging schedule, whether increased or decreased in frequency, is successful. Try putting your content plans on your media kit to show potential sponsors your deadlines and their possibility for features!

Tips for Holiday Media Kits | Portland Bloggers

What to include in your Holiday Media Kit:

  • Short paragraph about your blog
  • Popular topics on your blog
  • Holiday posting schedule with product deadlines
  • Services offered
  • Rates
  • Readership information
  • Contact information

Create a PDF media kit that has links embedded within it so that potential sponsors may click through to visit your site.

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