Portland Bloggers is operated by a team of awesome volunteers. Each team member is a blogger in the Portland area. Every one of the team work outside of Portland Bloggers and uses their free time to help keep the site and group growing. Read on to learn more about our team!



Jenni Bost // Portland Bloggers Owner/Operator: Jenni Bost

Jenni Bost is a workaholic, wife, mother, and party enthusiast. She loves food, drinks, parties, and glitter! By day she works as a Social Media and Marketing Specialist at a fantastic Senior Living company. By night she works on her business Jenni Bost Creative Services LLC.

Jenni is the owner/operator of:

  • A Well Crafted Party: A DIY event blog that encourages people to celebrate in style every day! She loves to write about her kid, recipes, fashion, parties, blogging, and more!
  • Portland Bloggers: A website/blog to help promote the blogging community in Portland, OR.

Find her on Facebook (A Well Crafted Party), Twitter (@jennibost), Instagram (@JenniBost), and Pinterest (@JenniBost).


Macey Snelson // Portland Bloggers

President: Macey Snelson

Macey wants to live in a world where the coffee flows like water, parking is always free, and everyone hears “I love you,” each day. As a photographer her images have been published in magazines, posted on blogs around the world and – her proudest accomplishment – printed to hang in family rooms across the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not hiding behind her camera, Macey can be found in coffee shops across Portland enjoying a warm cup of espresso and happily chatting with friends.

Macey is the owner/operator of:

  • InComplete Magazine: [IN]COMPLETE is a new kind of magazine: one that celebrates you, just the way you are.  We believe in the empowerment of all and feature stories from men, women and children – everyone has a voice worth hearing and a story worth telling.
  • Motormouth Studios: Motormouth Studios is based out of Portland, OR and offers natural light, on-location photo shoots throughout the Pacific Northwest. Specializing in Family, Senior, Couple, Children and Business portrait sessions — Motormouth Studios is dedicated to capturing your spirit, love and natural beauty in the best and most creative way possible.

Find her on Twitter ( @motormouthmacey ) and Instagram (@motormouthmacey).


Suzannah Stanley // Portland Bloggers

Vice President of Educational Events: Suzannah Stanley

Suzannah has been blogging since 2009, she shares sewing, decor, DIY, and real food posts and so much more! Suzannah started working with the Portland Bloggers meet-ups in spring of 2012 and now serves as the Vice President of Educational Events. Her  passion for creating Portland Bloggers events is about bringing bloggers together to learn from each other and local pros in related fields, so we can develop skills and get excited about further building our blogs.

Suzannah is the owner/operator of:

Find Suzannah on Facebook (CreateEnjoy), Twitter (@SuzannahStanley) , Instagram (@SuzannahStanley), and Pinterest (SuzannahStanley).


Bee Talmadge // Portland Bloggers

Vice President of Social Events: Bee Talmadge

The goal for every Portland Bloggers event is to help facilitate a deep, meaningful connection with someone you didn’t know before the day began. In away, life is but a series of events, and Bee’s just the girl to plan them. By day, Bee is the Catering & Events Manager for a local restaurant company. By night, she is creating opportunities for future Portland Bloggers meet ups. In addition to her social roles, Bee is the Culture Editor for [In]Complete Magazine and the brain behind The Spicy Bee, the Portland food blog.

Bee is the Owner/Operator of:

  • The Spicy Bee: A site for those who love to cook or even just food gawk. All recipes are doable for beginner to intermediate cooks and are (usually) healthy meals to throw into any meal plan.

Find Bee on Twitter (TheSpicyBee), Facebook (TheSpicyBee) and Instagram (TheSpicyBee).


Carly J. Cais // Portland Bloggers

Web Master: Carly J. Cais

Carly loves visual content; whether it’s video, graphics, or websites, she enjoys helping people bring their ideas to life. When she is not working on her own DIY fashion blog Chic Steals, you can find her producing video shoots for fashionable brands and creating logos and graphics that pop. In her spare time she crafts clothing, jewelry, and accessories that mimic the look of high-end fashion…and shares the how-to’s on her site.

Carly is the Owner/Operator of:

  • Chic Steals: Buy It / Style It / DIY It! Make a look all your own and let your creativity shine through what you wear. Re-create that designer look for less through savvy shopping, thrifting, and by DIY’ing what one can’t afford. Looking chic…for a steal, every day.
  • Uncommon Era: Making the uncommon extraordinary with videos that tell your story and create brand loyalty.

Carly also created the Portland Bloggers’ logo and crafted the brand style. She is also working as the webmaster…making sure this website is working well and looks fabulous!

Find Carly on Twitter (@ChicSteals), Facebook (ChicSteals), Instagram (@carlyjcais), and Pinterest (CarlyJCais).