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Oregon Outpost
Oregon Outpost
Independent view of Oregon Politics

An independent take on money and politics in Oregon.

Recssion Grads
Recssion Grads
Dedicated to critically analyzing the changing world around all of us growing up and coming of age during the recession.

We’re a group of friends who analyze politics, music, media, pop culture, sports, and the lifestyle of people who are making their way through the world during the recession. In an era of post-idealism we encourage people to question and take part in the world around them.

Summiting Portland
Portland Politics and community are discussed and satirized.

Jeff helps government agencies, the private sector, public interest groups and citizens reach durable agreements on complex and often contentious issues.

The Consumer Trap
exposing marketing, market totalitarianism, and corporate capitalism

Reveal how the overclass manages our off-the-job behavior.

Consumer Trap website
The Portland Intelligencer
The thirty-ninth or fortieth newspaper in Portland.™

The Portland Intelligencer is a satire newspaper, focusing on news & events occurring in the Portland, OR area, as well as elsewhere in the country & throughout the world.