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Fluoride Exposed
Fluoride Exposed
Exploring all kinds of science with one little element: fluoride

Your source for amazing science related to chemistry, oral health, water, and more. We explore all kinds of scientific fields from astronomy to zoology, with plenty of time for dentistry, public health, and water sciences.

Grassfed Geek
Grassfed Geek
Lover of grassfed beef and butter, Bulletproof Coffee, health, nutrition, technology, music, and philosophy

This blog is about:
Ideas and experiences of Paleo-centric eating, optimizing mental performance, biohacking, quantified self, and a low-stress, engaged lifestyle. Promoting high performance in my body and brain, as well as some of the external interests that give my life richness and lead to a happy, healthy life.

Science in Portland
A blog featuring science in Portland, Oregon in all its forms

A project of the Portland Section of the American Chemical Society

The Volcano Lands Blog
Articles on the natural history of the Pacific Northwest as well as articles related to ecotourism in the region.

Articles written by the owners of Volcano Lands nature tours in Portland, OR. The authors are biologists with PhDs in Zoology from Oregon State University. Topics covered in the blog include the natural history of the Pacific Northwest and nature-related travel in the region.

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