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A Tiny Rocket
A Tiny Rocket
Hello! My name is Erika. I’m in love with making art, collecting old things & chasing after my two kiddos. This blog is a peek into my happy accidents & plots of total world domination.

Hi! My name is Erika and this blog is my place where I keep my inspiration, my favorite memories and most of all, my journey of makings things in both life and art. I am a self taught oil painter and I took the plunge to leave my corporate job in order to paint full time. I show my artwork around town and have been featured in the last four seasons of the television show, “Portlandia.” I am a mommy to my daughter Nora, who was born 7/11/12 and baby Everett, who was born 11/11/14. I have a bearded husband named Tim and have two pretty mischievous pugs. I believe in magic dust and that creativity lives and grows all around us. My secret wish is to lead the best life possible and to live on fast forward.
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Katie Guinn-Age of Aquarius
Fashion Designer, custom clothier, artist, writer, creative director, Portland original and serious mother.

I am an apparel designer who specializes in bespoke garments in addition to a ready to wear line that is added to frequently. As a strong believer that dressing one’s best doesn’t require an occasion beyond the daily inspirations that life brings, my clothing evokes a feminine, artful and edgy lifestyle with a variety of shapes always in mind . With an appreciation and dedication to lasting quality and beauty. From conception to execution all garments are produced in Portland with ethical sweat. This blog covers the experiences of a Designer who is strongly artistically minded, is married and has a 5 year old super star. All of these factors contribute to the work and daily life of who I am and what I create. As an occasional contributing writer for the Mercury, my love for expression through wordage helps to curate a more cohesive idea of what I represent. Lover of the Beautiful. love to hang!

Age of Aquarius
The ZehnKatzen Times
Independent graphic designer and self-made artist and Photographer talks about PDX and all of the above

An aspiring graphic designer, visual artist , and native-born Oregonian talks about living in the most photogenic city on the planet.

The Zehnkatzen Times