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Locally Crafted Treasures
Curated, authentic, affordable, handmade quality goods, made in small batches. Fall in love with its unique story and connect with local designers

Do you enjoy finding something — a piece of jewelry, an accessory or home decor item — something, that so perfectly captures who you are and reflects your uniqueness to the world? Imagine discovering the story behind its creation — the story of the artist and how their experiences inspired that piece you’ve now come to treasure. Now, you own not just another item but a unique piece with a story, and a deeper appreciation of your find.

Join us on a journey to discover limited edition goods that express your individuality, uncover the inspiration behind its design and support our community. And if you are a local artisan passionate about your craft, we invite you to join us as a designer. We would love to share your story and designs.

Locally Crafted Treasures