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Katie Guinn-Age of Aquarius
Fashion Designer, custom clothier, artist, writer, creative director, Portland original and serious mother.

I am an apparel designer who specializes in bespoke garments in addition to a ready to wear line that is added to frequently. As a strong believer that dressing one’s best doesn’t require an occasion beyond the daily inspirations that life brings, my clothing evokes a feminine, artful and edgy lifestyle with a variety of shapes always in mind . With an appreciation and dedication to lasting quality and beauty. From conception to execution all garments are produced in Portland with ethical sweat. This blog covers the experiences of a Designer who is strongly artistically minded, is married and has a 5 year old super star. All of these factors contribute to the work and daily life of who I am and what I create. As an occasional contributing writer for the Mercury, my love for expression through wordage helps to curate a more cohesive idea of what I represent. Lover of the Beautiful. love to hang!

Age of Aquarius
[In]Complete Magazine
A magazine that celebrates you, just the way you are.

[IN]COMPLETE is a new kind of magazine: one that celebrates you, just the way you are. We believe in the empowerment of all and feature stories from men, women and children – everyone has a voice worth hearing and a story worth telling.
[IN]COMPLETE is a celebration of being present, now. We recognize that we live in a society that is consistently pushing toward the next big goal, and rarely focusing on just how far we’ve come. We believe in goals, in fact we encourage them, but we also believe in slowing down, breathing, and celebrating where we are, now.
in the power of positive thinking – that creates positive people – that creates positive action – that creates a positive world
that life is about the small details, and that they all deserve celebration
in magic, love and our own beauty

[In]Complete Magazine