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The Salad Lobby
The Salad Lobby
The Salad Lobby advocates for salad’s place at the table.

The Salad Lobby believes that adding salad to the table will result in healthier tables, healthier people, and healthier generations.
We aim to influence American food culture by changing assumptions that healthy food is bland, expensive, hard to obtain, or elitist. We want to bring salad to the table of all Americans. We do this by sharing the variety that salad can offer. Salad is more than a tasteless pile of greens offered reluctantly as a side. Salad can be a delicious meal in itself, a meal that’s inexpensive and easy to prepare. Along with our readers and fellow saladvocates, we will raise demand for salad. If Americans begin demanding healthier, fresher, and better tasting food, our system will be forced to supply. The Salad Lobby has two ingredients: the creative, path-blazing brain of Lindsay Sauvé and the marketing, digital brawn of Peter Korchnak. Lindsay is The Salad Lobby’s soul, Peter the system.
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