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100 Percent Day
100 Percent Day
Welcome to 100PercentDay. A lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring joyful experiences through travel and adventure in Portland and beyond.

Hi, my name is Bre. I am a native Portland Oregonian with a gypsy soul and relentless obsession to identify and maximize experiences through adventure and travel. You’ll find me with my third passport, outdoors mostly, behind a camera, in front of a plate of delicious eats or adventuring beside my beast of burden, Beatrix the doodle.
I hope this blog inspires you to create and pursue 100 Percent experiences through travel, adventure, nature and wellness.
This is a handsome life.

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Growing Up On OM
Growing Up On OM
Growing Up On OM chronicles my life as I embark on this next chapter of post-college life.

Growing Up On OM chronicles my life as I embark on this next chapter of post-college life, including yoga teacher trainings and moving across the country from NYC to PDX.

The Radiant Goddess Collective
A bohemian-mystic’s guide to spirituality, following your intuition, unleashing your inner goddess, and living a pleasure-based life.

Hi! I’m Tara Howisey and I teach women { and a few men} how to apply high-performance habits, the law of attraction and a dash of magic to transform their lives from stressed and depressed to R-A-D-I-A-N-T!

I live in Portland, OR in the summer and Breckenridge, Colorado in the winter.

I’m an entrepreneur, blogger + YouTuber, landscape designer, and snowboarder.

I believe that life is meant to be fun, easy, and beautiful. We are meant to achieve our dreams. To feel sexy. To be wealthy. To find true love. It’s my deep commitment to my own pleasure that drove me to discover the spiritual principles of the law of attraction { which I call “magick” } and to conjure some crazy sh*t that convinced me that this bohemian, goddess stuff WORKS!

And now it’s time to share all this sparkly ju-ju with YOU!
My super-powers are spiritually, pleasure-based living, and finding vibrational alignment.

Come play with me. 🙂